9th grade

9th Grade-Freshman Year

Freshman year is one of your most important years in high school. This is the time when your official transcript starts. Your transcript can be used to compete for scholarships, acceptance into a college of your choice, get a job, and many other ways that can benefit you. This is an important time to set goals for yourself and think about getting involved! Activities help build your portfolio as a student, gain confidence, and help connect you to friends, school, and community.


Start Now

Do you know what you need to do to graduate? Now is the time to make sure you understand https://www.oregon.gov/ode/students-and-family/OregonDiploma/Pages/default.aspx
Here is a link to give you resources and tasks you should consider during your freshman year http://oregongoestocollege.org/itsaplan/students-9