11th Grade

11th grade-Juniors

Juniors you are one step closer to graduation! You now have two years under your belt and you are rounding the bend headed towards your senior year. This year is crucial to your successful timely graduation. It is also a key time to put into motion preparations and plans in anticipation of your senior year. If you are college-bound, you should be taking the SAT or ACT. Santiam offers the SAT once a year. This is also a time to challenge yourself and take advanced-level classes. If you have not taken any C.T.E classes now is the time to explore. Santiam also offers on-line classes through Chemeketa Community College and high school classes through Connections Academy. If you are looking to challenge yourself see Mrs. Fawcett to discuss. Welcome to your Junior year, explore, be curious, and push yourself.

Request a copy of your transcript, make sure you are on track to graduate and make a plan to get caught up if you are not https://www.oregon.gov/ode/students-and-family/OregonDiploma/Pages/default.aspx
There are so many important tasks to think of your junior year which will set you up for success your senior year click on this link to explore http://oregongoestocollege.org/itsaplan/students-11